Secret Survivors: Real-Life Stories to Give You Hope for Healing

by Jen Howver &
Megan Hutchinson

Everyone has secrets. Some you might whisper into a friend’s ear, while others may stay locked inside you for years…maybe even forever. It’s those secrets that you tuck away that eventually control you. You may think you’re okay, but really, your secrets can be tearing you apart from the inside out. Secret Survivors tells the compelling, true stories of people who have lived through painful secrets—things that they kept to themselves until they could no longer bear the pain alone. As you read their stories, you’ll be drawn into their journeys towards healing, and you’ll understand why it’s so important to share your secret with someone else in order to start your own healing process.

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Life Hurts…
God Heals

by Doug Fields,
John Baker &
Megan Hutchinson

Right now, there are students in your youth ministry who are desperately hurting from the pain of a broken home, struggles with depression, abusive relationships, and more.

Life Hurts God Heals is a completely comprehensive resource you can use to launch and run a ministry specifically to bring healing to these students. It includes all the curriculum you will need for leaders and participants, as well as all the behind the scenes stuff to help with everything from recognizing danger signs in teens to how to get this program up and running in your church.

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I Want to Talk with My Teen About Addictions

by Megan Hutchinson

It’s not unusual for parents to feel lost, and often scared, when it comes to helping their teenagers make wise decisions. Here are hands-on resources for today’s busy parents, each written by experts parents can trust. Parents learn how to communicate with their teens while connecting biblical principles to tough relevant topics. This series is an extension of the very popular I Want to Teach My Child About… series.

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Help! I’m a Woman in Youth Ministry!

by Kara E. Powell,
Megan Hutchinson
& Heather Flies

Looking for answers about your life and ministry from a woman’s perspective? Geared for professionals and volunteers alike, Help! I’m a Woman in Youth Ministry! focuses on the unique ministry issues that you wrestle with every day, including: The challenges of singleness, marriage, and parenthood Mentoring and counseling Making your voice heard Fair treatment and fair pay Working with men …and much more! Regardless of age, marital status, church size, or denomination, Help! I’m a Woman in Youth Ministry! will transform how you approach your unique, vital place in the youth ministry world.

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